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In The Cellar...

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In the cellar, Vivian attends to his wines, observing, tasting and guiding them to fruition, allowing them to achieve their true potential.  He employs different methods in the treatment of each grape variety and plot. Whether Grenache, Syrah, Carignan, Merlot or Vementino, the unique characteristics of each grape will enhance the pleasure produced by the finished wine in its own special way.

He gathers in the small crates of grapes, placing the fruit into vats for a number of days or weeks; the regular tasting of the juices and wines will determine at which point maceration is halted, as each tank provides a different balance. Fermentation occurs thanks to the presence of indigenous yeasts (those naturally present within the grapes) which transform the sugars of the grapes into alcohol. Once the reaction is complete, the yeasts fall to the bottom of the tanks or barrels creating lees, and now maturation begins, allowing the wines to blossom and achieve real balance.

Once the wines have seen through the winter, the moment of blending arrives during springtime, where Vivien seeks the best possible combinations of these nectars to produce the different wines of Clos des Jarres; a moment of heightened emotion as each drop of wine reveals its strength. Then, each wine will have all the time it needs to develop its character, whether in tanks or oak barrels, before the bottling process begins in mid-August.

All of our wines are lively, flavoursome and characterful, Non Filtered, Non Clarified, with no oenological products and minimal sulphur levels. They will bring you untold satisfaction if allowed to rest and breathe after opening; we highly recommend decantation before tasting.